our station

Over these last few years a small number of local citizens have unselfishly contributed to our 501(c)3 organization to help us in our effort to maintain this 1895 structure.  Our own small membership has done considerable work to the Haddon Heights Station using their own personal funds to maintain this wonderful historic building.  The Haddon Heights Station along with the privately owned Haddon Heights Freight House is the only remaining pair of original railroad structures in New Jersey.  While other towns may have one or the other and some have lost both, Haddon Heights is unique in having both still standing.

Our members have performed preventative maintenance to the interior walls as the stucco was separating as well as repairing the downspouts,  the windows – keeping these as original,  and have also performed woodwork to the doors and eaves.  You may also notice that the exterior is receiving a coat of paint to prevent further wear to the original woodwork. We have a long way to go as our contract with the railroad is that we members are solely responsible to maintain the building.  Currently we have a serious water problem with the roof and original copper English gutters.  We have received funds from a few citizens to help with the repairs but have yet to achieve the balance required to have the slate and copper repaired.  It would be a shame if we had to use asphalt shingle in lieu of the original slate as we have seen with other building.  Hopefully in the near future we will install the original side door that was once part of the structure so that we may have two means of egress as required by the fire code.  Until such time we cannot allow visitors into the station.  We are also working to install the necessary exit lighting as required for all public buildings.   We welcome anyone who has the skill set to come and volunteer their service to improve this structure for the Haddon Heights citizenry and the historical district.

Look to this page as we begin to recognize those private citizens and organizations who have helped us in our effort to improve and maintain this structure.  The end result being a great benefit to the Haddon Heights downtown image.